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Cold therapy involves immersing the body in cold or ice water to stimulate health benefits and treat health conditions. The premise being that cold water eases pain by causing blood vessels to constrict and reducing blood flow to the area (which is the reason ice reduces swelling and inflammation). Forms of cold therapy include ice baths, cold showers, cold water immersion, cold pools or cryo-chambers. Shiver Tub uses ice baths as, based on studies and research, we believe they offer superior benefits.

Whilst cold showers are a great start to your cold therapy journey, ice baths are the best way to unlock the ultimate benefits. Ice baths create a more intense and effective experience by causing all your skin’s receptors to fire in unison. This intensity triggers a “protection response” from your body which releases feel-good hormones and lowers cortisol. Furthermore, the hydrostatic pressure helps your body conduct heat transfers more efficiently than a shower or cryochamber, given the water density. Studies have shown that cold water immersion is the most beneficial cold therapy medium when it comes to exercise recovery.

That depends on your performance goals. If you’re looking to improve your endurance, you want to cool before, during or after. Whereas if you are looking to build strength, it’s ideal to wait 4hrs after training to get the body to respond to the stimuli. If you’re just looking for the overall general physical and mental health benefits, soak in an ice bath post training. There have been studies done that as little as 11 minutes total during the week broken down in 2-3 days has a significant response in activating your metabolism.

This is a very personal question and varies from person to person - depending on the temperature and how long you’ve been including cold therapy as part of your daily routine anywhere from 2-20 minutes. The experience should be cold enough to make you want to get out but safe enough to do so. You can start at higher temperature then adjust duration as you build resilience; once you master that temperature lower as you see fit.

The process is incredibly easy! All you need is a hose-pipe, a bucket or a container, and some room temperature water. Fill it up to around 70%, and you're all set for your first plunge! Later on, you can add ice or ice packs to lower the temperature further.

Our Tubs have insulation on the top, bottom, and sides, which means they can maintain the water temperature for longer than you might anticipate!

NO! Ice baths have an array of physical and mental health benefits for anyone wanting to feel and operate at their best. Many people use ice baths for resilience training; that allows them to overcome stressful situations in their daily lives in a controlled way. High performers such as Tony Robbins use ice baths daily to stimulate their body and mind and help them achieve their work, life and exercise goals. In fact it's one of the strongest controlled stimuli for activating noradrenaline and dopamine, that's why you feel great and want to do it again!

Our bath has been crafted to accommodate individuals of all sizes up to 2.15m (7") tall, while also reducing water usage and cooling demands.

What is the method to maintain cleanliness

To avoid debris from entering, it's advisable to keep the lid on whenever the tub is not in use. We suggest replacing the water every week without any additional substances.

To prolong the life of your next fill, wash the interior surfaces with warm soapy water when draining the water from your Tub.



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